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Courts & technology in California – 2017 Tour

The 5-day executive court tour travels from San Francisco to Los Angeles including Silicon Valley and the headquarters of Cisco and Facebook. It will focus on several key technological challenges facing courts - going paperless, cyber security, immersive video-conferencing, social media, remote interpreting, online dispute resolution and artificial intelligence.

Courts in Denmark and Sweden – 2016 Executive Tour

The fifth tour in 2016 took delegates to courts in Denmark and Sweden. The Scandinavian courts, through elegant design, incorporate tradition into modern settings and processes. Despite facing the same security threats as other court systems, Danish and Swedish courts remain open and accessible. Particular highlights include thoughtful use of art, imaginative court layouts...

Courts in Catalonia, Luxembourg and Germany – 2011 Executive Tour

The third tour in 2011 involved courts in Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia, Luxembourg, Düsseldorf, and the historic Kammergericht in Berlin. Different funding models for new courts were explored, including one used by North-Rhine Westphalia’s state building agency that focuses on lifetime costs, and balances between sustainability, design excellence and functional outcomes. Even...

Courts in France – 2005 Executive Tour

The first tour in 2005 included memorable new French courts, including those by Jean Nouvel, Richard Rogers and Henri Cirani. One highlight was a mock trial in a special terrorism courtroom in Paris, conducted in French, English and Chinese and displaying the different court layouts used by each legal tradition. The Pontoise court illustrated...