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28 August, 2011
12:00 am

The third tour in 2011 involved courts in Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia, Luxembourg, Düsseldorf, and the historic Kammergericht in Berlin.

Different funding models for new courts were explored, including one used by North-Rhine Westphalia’s state building agency that focuses on lifetime costs, and balances between sustainability, design excellence and functional outcomes. Even in the ultra-high security terrorism court in Düsseldorf – with helipads to bring in defendants or protected witnesses – the main courtroom included works of art and brought in natural light.

Other highlights of the 2011 Tour were:

  • British architect David Chipperfield’s Barcelona City of Justice and the Neues Museum, Berlin.
  • Berlin family court by Oswald Mathias Ungers and Jewish Museum by Daniel Libeskind
  • The Reichstag building, Berlin and the European Court of Justice, Luxembourg
  • Landgericht and Amtsgericht, Dusseldorf

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