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Justice Research Group

The Justice Research Group was established in July 2009 at Western Sydney University.

The key research focus is the courts and other justice processes and they generate multidisciplinary evidence-based research projects that address practical policy questions while engaging with a range of theoretical literatures from law, sociology, criminology, history, psychology, media studies, architecture and forensic science.

Their current and recent research areas include:

  • Juries
  • Restorative justice
  • Court technologies
  • Court safety and security
  • War and International Justice.

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Institut Des Hautes Etudes sur la Justice

Institut des Haute √Čtudes sur la Justice (IHEJ) is an independent not for profit research institute. It was created in 1990 to provide a forum for analysis and debate on the contemporary evolutions of justice, in France and throughout the world. By facilitating exchanges between legal professionals, legal scholars, and the broader public, it aims to contribute to the development of the values of justice and the dissemination of knowledge on norms, legal and judicial governance, and the philosophical and practical underpinnings of justice systems.

IHEJ coordinates and conducts various initiatives, such as working groups, seminars, conferences, and the publication of research and policy articles. It also takes on specific consulting assignments within its field of expertise, participates in continued education and advanced executive training of legal and judicial personnel, and takes part in public debate when invited by the media.

The institute is headed by a Board of Directors from the judiciary as well as elected members. A small operational team of research fellows and program managers in Paris works with a large international network of legal scholars and practioners, active in the fields of international and criminal justice, comparative law, justice sector reform, law and development, or law and society.

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