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28 March, 2008
12:00 am

The second tour, in 2008, included European and international courts in Strasbourg, Luxembourg and The Hague. The tour included an architectural design exercise in the Peace Palace where groups outlined their ideal courtroom configurations for hearings involving alleged war crimes, human rights violations and disputes between nations. A common theme of all the designs was an emphasis on placing justice spaces within a park or other natural setting.

Other highlights of the 2008 tour were:

  • Strasbourg – European Parliament, European Court of Human Rights and Tribunal de Grand Instance
  • Luxembourg – European Court of Justice
  • Antwerp – Palais de Justice – guided tour with President Moyersoen, Mme Van de Velden and architect Paul Corbell
  • The Hague – The Peace Palace
  • Former Yugoslavia – International Criminal Tribunal and observation of war crimes trial
  • Montpellier – Nouveau Palais de Justice – guided tour with architect Bernard Kohn
  • Avignon – Nouveau Palais de Justice, Avignon.

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