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The two studies described in this chapter are:

  • Study 1 – a videotrial simulation
  • Study 2 – a live simulated trial.

In both trials, ‘the Sydney Bomber Case’ involved a fictional alleged terrorist incident in which a young white man was accused of placing a bomb on a train that exploded after he alighted, killing innocent commuters in the centre of Sydney.

Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, this research provides an in-depth understanding of jury behaviour in a contemporary terrorism trial. Two related studies aimed to test the effect on jury reasoning and conviction rates of:

  • Interactive virtual environments
  • Jury instructions on the appropriate use of expert evidence and
  • Individual versus group decision-making.

This chapter provides, for both Study 1 and Study 2:

  • A description of the research design
  • A description of research materials used, such as visual evidence
  • Information about research participants
  • Research procedures
  • Analysis of experimental data.

For Study 2, the chapter also touches on jury instructions about visual evidence, information about jury deliberations and the methodology used for analysis.

This chapter is useful for:

  • Students, teachers, researchers – in Law, Psychology and Communications
  • Practitioners of law and criminal justice
  • Forensic scientists and psychologists
  • Police, national security officers and court officials
  • Policymakers
  • Journalists.
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