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Diane Jones
Director of PTW Architects, Adjunct Professor at UNSW, and Co-ordinator of the Court of the Future Network
  • Director of PTW Architects, Adjunct Professor at UNSW, and Co-ordinator of the Court of the Future Network

Diane Jones is a practising architect and a director of PTW Architects, Sydney. She is an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales.



Diane’s extensive experience in heritage, justice, civic, integrated communities and therapeutic environment projects is guided by the principle that architectural spaces and settings gain their meaning through the experiences of people and by a strong sense of responsibility to the wider community and environment.

Clear design intentions that are realised in all aspects of an architectural project frame her approach to practice resulting in prestigious national project awards. Specific to each project, these intentions are informed by empathy, evidence based research, design –led innovation, and multi-disciplinary collaborations. This approach is demonstrated in her recent St Basil’s, The Grove project at Randwick, Coffs Harbour Justice Precinct, Prince Henry, Little Bay and King Street Courts, Sydney. Diane’s leadership capability in managing large, complex and sensitive projects, diverse consultant teams and multi-user clients such as local councils, state government departments and institutions is well recognised.

Appointed Executive Director in 2014 and Director in 2004, Diane is a registered Architect in New South Wales and Western Australia, Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales, Australia; co-convenor of the Court of the Future (research) international network, Marion Mahony Griffin Prize recipient and NAWIC Crystal Vision Merit awardee. In 2016, Diane was appointed to the NSW Retirement Living committee of the Property Council of Australia.

Diane is committed to advancing the relationship between professional practice, industry and university learning and research. Diane regularly participates in professional, industry and government committees, graduation postgraduate design studio teaching in Sydney universities and her team has taken the role of principal industry partner for five Australian Research Council Linkage grants which have tested empirically the influence of architecture on people’s well-being and cognitive abilities.